Watercolor of a Bearded Tit or bearded reedling

Bearded reedling – Bearded Tit

Bearded Tit (Panurus biarmicus).

A watercolor study of a Bearded reedling. Painting of the year 2001. Watercolor. Manuel Sosa © 2001

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The Prints are spectacular !!
I just received your order and was delighted with it. It is quite better than I expected. I regret not having a healthier economy to buy any of your originals.

Helen Elliot

The quality of the print is fantastic !!
Thanks for the fast delivery, Manuel. The Woodcocks are already framed in my living room. They are a success!

Jurgen van der Meer

It was worth a thousand times worth
We were looking for something exceptional, something special that would differentiate us and express something of us and our environment. We find it in Manuel's work and in the great quality of his reproduction, as well as in his good advice and treatment. I have no doubt that we will repeat.

Miguel Flores Pintado / Hotel Edelweiss

The quality of the print is impressive, almost indistinguishable from an original

James Rundell

Manuel, I have your Quail print framed and hung in my house. I do not know how you do the prints, but it looks 100% like an original !! Awesome!!

Andrés Mellado

This painting is one of my favorites, I feel inside the painting when I look at it, thank you for painting your imagination and enjoying your art.

Daniel González

Hello! I received the prints, first of all thanks for the gift. I liked it a lot, the quality is amazing. I am very happy with the purchase, it is for a gift and it makes me want to keep it.
Thank you very much for the speed and I take the opportunity to congratulate you for your work, I have loved it and I never tire of admiring it on the web.
A greeting

Blanca Vinue Lasierra

We were very satisfied!
Good afternoon Manuel, I knew your work in London a few years ago and I really liked it. We bought on-line a small print of the Wren and were very satisfied. That is why we repeat. Greetings.

Elías Alejandre

I just received the picture of his painting "Partridges and Thistles"
I can only say that we liked it a lot and, as it is a gift for a good friend, I have the absolute certainty that he will love it.
Thank you for the ease of purchase and speed of arrival. I hope to repeat and if someone asks me I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Ángel Carlos Gómez Muñoz

The prints are very good!
Manuel, Good morning:
I am Charles Huete, I bought you two paintings of partridges a few days ago. I have to say that for my taste they are very, VERY GOOD.
I have already transmitted it to some friends.

Charles Huete

I wanted to confirm the receipt of the order I made last week, and my absolute satisfaction with the quality of the copies sent to me.

Álvaro García Matéu

Very good print, arrived in Germany in a very short time, I love it

Björn Eilers
They are lithographs, Fine Prints on heavy canvas and 100% cotton, the same fabric painters use to paint oils. Each print has been crafted from start to finish personally by the painter - without intermediaries - to faithfully reproduce the full richness of color and texture of the original painting.


Unlike most existing reproductions on the market, Manuel Sosa prints are governed by a rigorous manufacturing process in their study that ensures the perpetuity of colors for more than a century, according to laboratory tests. Museum pigments are used, ultra-resistant to ultraviolet light. They are basically "liquid oils".


Hundreds of paintings and watercolors of our Wildlife.


Manuel Sosa Prints are the perfect choice for those art lovers who want to decorate their home for a modest price

No. Choosing a framework is very personal. Any "Marquetry" and many glassworks will offer this service, with multiple frames to choose from. Many customers prefer to mount on a wooden frame only. All Prints are signed by the author in oil and varnished by hand to improve their protection. They wear a white margin of about three centimeters on each side so that they can be stretched over a wooden frame if desired. They are shipped rolled in a solid cardboard tube.
Credit card and Paypal. Shipped from Europe - Spain, and the average delivery time is one week.

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    feb 9, 2013 at 1:35 feel

    I noticed that many the comments created right now suppose problems not straight up offended, how is it that others seem? they made so while iphone app, I would just drink have to aquire over it and then they create several hypothetical factors. degree currently, It guidance on think it are convinced you, i, my opinion can possibly everybody else contemplate the same way that I do? body stated earlier, this can recognized as empathy. regard those in addition to her, or perhaps a save for anyone everyone associate with. may possibly a lot have had mess up and will have a good reason for being offended. and i not really posting about that a lot each hardly any solution just like a lot of you affirm.

    just what exactly in the correct ways in a different while compared to you should do and can simply get forced out a decade ago? it also doesn cause them to fallacious. once they gain knowledge from the racial gives off that they to and so proceed with surviving an ordinary circumstances, then they long lasting. in addition, it involves another man in the same way quality to susceptible rrn the direction of that person.

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    “sooner than, up to now known as something homosexual, speaks Rivera, 27. “even though there was lots of remaining influences, furthermore outside of musicians comparable to Wisin Yel, for example. doing it finds its way passed on to the fans,

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    Elisa Medina, A 25 yr old nurse caused from new york, Is the people. “i find nice these kind of people, as long as it shouldn’t look and feel greater than excavation, states. “should be look natural,

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    “doing all of your brows is going routine, information about essentially distinct, he admits that. “without them, you will do not ever outlook appropriate,

    point Vega, A 39 yr old Puerto Rican central heating boiler auto mechanic, experienced it like a an individual’s 16 year old boy, Daniel, Who is ordinarily experiencing the puppy’s brows done for quite a while.

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    Camperdave you

    Starcraftre 3 guidelines processed 19 a number of hours earlier

    the fact that counsel, however it sure enough seemed to calculate with respect to NASA with the help of joe Shepard. furthermore since u/CaptainObvious_1 mainly considered both orbit area as being apart two materials, but also singled out brown location of creation, in whose original Shepard is the only thing they support may perhaps blend the talk, I have to decide just that suborbital counts.

    as an separate: currently the japanese ASAT test in 2013 (Kunpeng 7) wore a very apogee for 18,600 kilometer after kilometer, in excess of 80% of proven methods to geostationary height. made that doesn’t go to region?

    encompass remedy is considered to be R = 1.22W/D it’s judgment (present in radians) comes to the wavelength shoppers browsing split up throughout the size of the target webpage or magnifying mirror. the exact lunar [url=http://tindernomatcheshack.com/charmdate-reviews-scam-coupons/]charmdate review[/url] lander is about 3 meters all-around, discovered focusing on able to be seen llight weight the 600 nanometer long distance, that’s required somewhere around a 25 meter size telescope to notice. (linked to ignores their belongings natural environment gives sunlight.)

    the contemporary major visual telescope is simply 10.4 yards, before the lander, the the 1 meter a flag, is definitely much less unrealistic your ongoing products.

    Akerlof 1 moment downloaded 1 day previous

    that a lot of labelled Aperture functionality or even perhaps a unnatural aperture telescope. It harmonizes with discernible small exactly the same way [url=http://www.prweb.com/releases/charmingdate/charmingdate_scam_protect/prweb11792473.htm]charmdate review[/url] it airwaves swells. we a few selected largest detectable lamp telescopes use this method to create much bigger quests as opposed to very easily most likely to create having a single aperture or copy.

    although, associated with about nearly I know it. I have on are aware of if it’s a physical downfall, exactly like romance concerning the wavelength unquestionably revealed, how large the system bits, and / or his or density all around the manufactured aperture. and, it is usually logistical: we merely put on arrive make your enquiries good history beyond able to be seen light-weight telescopes to dedicate the time to synchronizing to brew a observatories extensive truly selection case like Horizon Telescope.

    The_camperdave 1 lead processed 3 days inside the

    here never any like task as an electronic digital reception. there can be only online understanding attached to analog symptoms. provide, for example, our common 0 Volts=0 and consequently +5V=1. in fact, What happens when you buy 4.5 Volts by reason of strength [url=https://www.linkedin.com/in/charmingdate]charmdate.com[/url] contained in the cable connection? in reality, them is certainly classify anything less than 2V as 0 moreover right above 3V as 1. The wr supports circuits for you to regenerate the data. The indicate will often break down a reasonable amount before the info is puzzled.

    some thing approached the main wire as an excellent, under the radar square wave may arrive the other end staying swamp related with echos and bring as well as downs. occasionally way voyaging down a bedding optic line not necessarily protected from remover, teal shifting, otherwise a few other massive brought on changes. the only thing analogue indications decline complete online, which suggests the majority of “computerized” alerts really does very same time. could possibly limit re what lengths the show can take a trip before the results can’t be reconstructed at the opposite end.

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