Osprey painting -Flying over the eagle-

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)

I deliberately cut the wing to bring the plumage and create the feeling of sharing the flight with the Osprey.
Pandion is the name of two mythical kings of Athens, and its legends humans are transformed into birds. Haliaetus means sea eagle in Latin.

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I received the print several days ago !!

I just wanted to say that I'm stunned! It looks just like an oil on canvas, and the painting is fantastic! I'd definitely order more!
Thank you so much!
Ksenia Glonty (Israel)

Just received my order, !!

the Roe Deer and Mouflon Ram, fantastic wish I had order the larger Ram with the dark background to go with the Roe deer, I must place another order!
You have a wonderful talent and catch wildlife perfectly. The pictures will give me a lot of pleasure.

Tim Kane (UK)

The Prints are spectacular !!
I just received your order and was delighted with it. It is quite better than I expected. I regret not having a healthier economy to buy any of your originals.

Helen Elliot (USA)

The quality of the print is fantastic !!
Thanks for the fast delivery, Manuel. The Woodcocks are already framed in my living room. They are a success!

Jurgen van der Mee (Holland)

It was worth a thousand times worth
We were looking for something exceptional, something special that would differentiate us and express something of us and our environment. We find it in Manuel's work and in the great quality of his reproduction, as well as in his good advice and treatment. I have no doubt that we will repeat.

Miguel Flores Pintado (Spain) / Hotel Edelweiss

The quality of the print is impressive, almost indistinguishable from an original

James Rundell

Manuel, I have your Quail print framed and hung in my house. I do not know how you do the prints, but it looks 100% like an original !! Awesome!!

Andrés Mellado

This painting is one of my favorites, I feel inside the painting when I look at it, thank you for painting your imagination and enjoying your art.

Daniel González

Hello! I received the prints, first of all thanks for the gift. I liked it a lot, the quality is amazing. I am very happy with the purchase, it is for a gift and it makes me want to keep it.
Thank you very much for the speed and I take the opportunity to congratulate you for your work, I have loved it and I never tire of admiring it on the web.
A greeting

Blanca Vinue Lasierra

We were very satisfied!
Good afternoon Manuel, I knew your work in London a few years ago and I really liked it. We bought on-line a small print of the Wren and were very satisfied. That is why we repeat. Greetings.

Elías Alejandre

I just received the picture of his painting "Partridges and Thistles"
I can only say that we liked it a lot and, as it is a gift for a good friend, I have the absolute certainty that he will love it.
Thank you for the ease of purchase and speed of arrival. I hope to repeat and if someone asks me I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Ángel Carlos Gómez Muñoz

The prints are very good!
Manuel, Good morning:
I am Charles Huete, I bought you two paintings of partridges a few days ago. I have to say that for my taste they are very, VERY GOOD.
I have already transmitted it to some friends.

Charles Huete

I wanted to confirm the receipt of the order I made last week, and my absolute satisfaction with the quality of the copies sent to me.

Álvaro García Matéu

Very good print, arrived in Germany in a very short time, I love it

Björn Eilers (Germany)
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30 reviews for Osprey painting -Flying over the eagle-

  1. Phil Mumby


  2. Yolanda Pascual


  3. Franck Boissieux

    Superbe !!

  4. Jurgen Van Der Meer

    It’s great

  5. Carolyn SmithManuel Sosa


  6. Ernesta De Mattia DeSpin

    Meraviglioso 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  7. Ferruccio Cucchiarini

    Bellissimo lavoro. Un caro saluto Manuel

  8. Paco Guerrero

    Cómo me gusta ver el proceso!

  9. María José Porras

    No me canso de mirarla!! 😍

  10. Jose Antonio Rodriguez Lozano


  11. Ingrid Volland


  12. Ramón Auzmendi Pincelnaveganteilustrador

    Manu, vaya pasada picha.

  13. Manuel Díaz Galeote

    Chulísima, Manolo.

  14. Pablo Ortega

    Eres un bestia, Manuel . Muchas gracias por la explicación del proceso.

  15. Pablo Reina Martinez

    Qué me gusta ver el proceso y lo que ayuda a los que nos adentramos en la pintura, gracias por compartir

  16. Miguel Garcia

    Muchas felicidades mi estimado amigo Manuel.
    Eres un Dios con el pincel en la mano.
    Te envío un fuerte abrazo desde México.

  17. Pilar Maldonado Vega

    Wawwwwww fabuloso. Eres único

  18. MaiArt

  19. Carlos Calimares

    Sin palabras lo tuyo Manolo, ya dos décadas que tus obras me dejan boquiabierto

  20. Pepi Corchado Durán

    Dios!! Qué bonitooooo!!

  21. Conchi González Bautista

    Fantástico 👏👏👏👏

  22. Nicolás Ruiz Espintapájaros

    Gracias por mostrar Manuel

  23. Juan Simón Martín

    Se caga la perra 😳👏👏👏👏👏
    Impresionante como siempre.😍

  24. Angel R. Moya

    Viva la madre que te pario!! jejeje…De verdad es Increíble.

  25. Maximo Verastegui Villalon

    Fenomenal como siempre

  26. Pedro Miguel Abellan Blasco

    Que maravilla Manuel!!!! Solo el proceso ya tiene magia!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏

  27. Manolo Ferre

    Un gran trabajo Manuel, como todos. Oigo como late su corazón, y el sonido del vuelo. Gracias por compartir el proceso. Eres un gran maestro!!

  28. Ana Benitez

    Pues como soy una curiosa, me he acercado…y es fascinante lo que haces con las pinturas!!! Vaya ojos y manos que tienes!!Impresionante Manuel!! Enhorabuena de nuevo!!

  29. Maria Jesus Usarralde

    Precioso, Manuel!!!!!

  30. Abelino Román


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Dimensions60 × 44 cm
Dimensions60 × 44 cm